Welcome to the Digital Media & Multimedia Design course at McFatter Technical College!

This course is instructed by Gabriel D’Amato, and is a Hybrid Style course (half in class and half online). The entire program will take roughly 10 months, and is very focused on the development of a Portfolio, Adobe Certifications and creative/technical skills in order to prepare students for contemporary jobs.

Program admission is available to all who have the desire and ability to profit and learn from a competency/creativity based program of career study, as well as a desire to improve their earning potential in the design field. This course is a well-paced introduction to the basic design skills required to find employment in the field.
It is very important to understand that during each course there will be a mix of in-class and online work, where you the student decide how much success and skill you want to achieve. The responsibility for deadlines, work quality and technical skill application is almost entirely on the student to produce, like a real-world job.

“Don’t think of this as a class, thing of it as a 10 month internship that will show you if you have what it takes to succeed in this industry.” – GD

The primary focus of this course is to produce a top notch design portfolio that will be attractive to the industry leaders who will consider hiring the students of the Digital Media & Multimedia Design program.

“How far and how fast you progress is 100% up to you.  If you want to do the work, you will.” – GD

Digital Media/Multimedia Design offers a sequence of courses that provide industry relevant project work to prepare students for positions within fields such as Print or Web Design, Digital Photography, Videography and Video/Audio Editing.  This course develops an artistic proficiency in which the student uses Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Audition, Premiere Pro as well as Adobe Animate to create interactive animated web content.  This is a hands-on program that provides students with the skills necessary for the design and production of web content, corporate branding, print marketing, as well as interactive and web-based video content.

“We basically do a little of everything in this course, in a way that is very much like real world client and job situations.” – GD

Students will create their own industry-ready online portfolio using WordPress to showcase all the design skills required to get started in the design industry.

DIG0081 Theory and Foundations of Design 150 Hours / 5 Weeks
DIG0082 Multimedia Digital/Print Designer 300 Hours / 10 Weeks
DIG0083 Multimedia Web Interactive Designer 300 Hours / 10 Weeks
DIG0084 Multimedia Integrated Producer Designer 300 Hours / 10 Weeks

Please be aware that the Rules, Guidelines and Policies for this class are designed to make the Students industry ready, with a polished and attractive design portfolio. The grading scale/rubrics, point system, attendance and make up policies are put in place to train each Student in common industry rules and practices.

“Only students who WANT to do this job will be able to pass this course and be ready to jump into the industry.” – GD

If the Student does not achieve a passing grade in the Digital Media & Multimedia Design Program, it is because the Student does not have the proper skills, work ethic or abilities to become employed in the field.  Attendance, work ethic, self-teaching, and the ability to follow directions from the “client” and “boss” are what the industry is all about, therefore this course has been structured to operate in a way that students without these quality will struggle, while those who are really in it to win it will succeed!



Frequently asked questions about the Digital Media & Multimedia Design Course

“What sorts of jobs can a student apply for after this course?”

Within each section of the course, students will learn the basic skills and practices that would give them a leg up on a certain type of job within the digital design industry, and with all of the sections combined they are ready for a career in the Multimedia Design industry.  The individual courses prepare students for jobs in the fields of Photography, Graphic Design, Animation, Web Design, and Film & Video Editing. Of course, with the correct application of skill, the list of jobs could be nearly endless.

What is the average salary of someone with the complete set of skills this course offers?”

I get asked this question a LOT by students. There is no easy answer, because in reality your salary will be 100% based on your skill and the portfolio you have to prove it. The average salary for a Multimedia Designer changes month to month, with experience, and if you have a good enough portfolio to get the job in the first place.  That being said, a  talented person with a great portfolio could expect between $35,000-$55,000 a year to start.

“What kinds of industry certifications can I earn in this program?”

Adobe Certification Testing is a HUGE part of the Digital Media & Multimedia Design course offered at McFatter Technical College. Students of the program are encouraged to earn their Adobe Certified Associate badges in PhotoshopIllustratorInDesignAnimate and even Premire Pro.

During the various courses, you will be tested in all of these softwares as part of the curriculum, and passing these tests will not only earn you a professional certification but it will also earn you extra credit in the section you are in.

Read all about Adobe Certifications in the Digital Media & Multimedia Design Course at McFatter Technical College here.


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