B&W Photo Presentation (Presentation A1)


Project Introduction

This project is intended to test your mastery over three different tasks. First, you will need to take impressive photos using all of your knowledge of DSLR Cameras and Photography Techniques. Secondly, you will need to use Lightroom or Photoshop to transform your images into interesting and attractive Black & White Photos.  Thirdly, you will need to design a sleek, professional presentation using Google Slides in order to showcase your work.

It’s time to present! You will craft your Black & White Photo Presentation all week and actually present it to a panel of fellow designers in class! As with all of our projects, you will be responsible for utilizing all the tools available to you to produce great images, then make a slick presentation out of them. We will be doing a fair amount of presentations during the course of this class, so it’s good to get used to speaking to the class about your creative and technical process, and be comfortable doing so. Like other projects, this one has a very strict deadline, so don’t waste any time! Get in, get your camera running and get them edited quickly, so that you can focus on the design and practice of the presentation itself.  Additionally, be sure you get everything in your Portfolio before you present it to the class!

Example Black & White Quality Images

Below I have used some photos to show my own results using Lightroom to take my full color photos and turn them into powerful Black & White Images. This process was explained in the Lightroom CC Essential Training video, assigned along with this project.  I have mocked them up in a way that will show you the color to black and white results. Click on any of them to see the larger version.

Example Presentation

I have also made this example presentation for you to see what my interpretation of the project was. I stuck with a black and white theme throughout the presentation, from the typography to (obviously) the imagery.  I embedded the the Google Slide Presentation here, as will be required for you to turn in. If you would like to see the full screen presentation, you see the Black & White Presentation Example in it’s full glory.


Project Requirements & Helpful Links

  • Minimum of 10 Photos for your Presentation. The Presentation will have no more than 12 slides total.
    • Each photo should be a hand made Black & White image using good contrast, exposure, black and white settings.
    • Photos should be masked or cropped in Google Slides, not cut or trimmed beforehand in a photo editing software.
    • The theme of the presentation can be whatever you like, so long as it is a cohesive idea.
      • If you don’t own your own camera, your theme will be something like “Life at McFatter”, since the classroom cameras cannot leave the campus.
    • The Presentation should take roughly 10 minutes to present, too long or too short will reduce the grade of the project.
    • As always, in your Portfolio show your before and after results, and explain your process. How did you get to the final product you arrived at?
    • The Presentation should be a 16:9 Aspect Ratio, since you will be projecting it on a wide screen projector.
    • If you have already forgotten the basics of Google Slides, you can use  Google Drive Essential Training videos from earlier as a refresher.
  • Remember, this whole project has a steep one week deadline! You shouldn’t waste any time getting your pictures, editing them, and laying out your presentation!

Project Grading Rubric

The grade for this project will come from several categories, for a total of 100 points. Each category will be given a score from 1-20, and all five categories will be added together for a final score. The judges will be comprised of a panel which includes the Instructors as well as other design students who themselves have completed this project.

Amazingly detailed and professional design to this presentation. Well designed, good use of Joshua Tree, attractive. Standard design, could be polished up a bit. Poor design, bad use of the Joshua Tree, Color Theory, Typography, etc. Obviously there was little or no thought put into the design of this presentation.
Black & White Photo Editing The photo editing was expertly executed! The images looked acceptable, but could have been slightly better. The images were underwhelming, and the editing needed more work. The editing was extremely dull, very grey, or did not make good use of software. The images were incorrectly processed, or not processed at all.
Creative Camera Skills This person was very creative with their photography. The presenter was more creative than most with his/her photos. Run of the mill, not overly creative, not terrible. Sub-par shots, not very creative. Very poor creativity used in these photos.  These photos obviously came from work.
& Elocution
Expertly spoken, well-rehearsed, and prepared for questions while being a total professional. Well spoken & rehearsed, but wasn’t quite flawless. Average job, not overly impressive. Unprepared, unprofessional, unrehearsed. Worst.




The technical approach of this portfolio was amazing. The technical approach was above average. The photography just barely showcased the use of ISO, f/Stops and Shutter Speeds. The photography was not very good from a technical standpoint. There was no use of the three pillars of photography.