Great Slide Deck & Presentation Sites


We do a fair amount of presentations in the Digital Media & Multimedia Design class here at McFatter Technical College. For us, the design of the presentation is of paramount importance, and we want to make sure that our designs are modern, eye catching and most of all effective.

With that in mind I have created a list of sites that have examples of great (as well as some examples of what NOT to do in a presentation) designs, modern trends and inspirational ideas for your next slide deck.  Enjoy.

Note & Point: This site has a gallery of Keynote and PowerPoint presentation designs, as well as an approval processes for any submissions. This means that not every presentation makes it into the websites showcase, since the designs are not always up to date or well done. I use this site consistently to get inspired.


Slideshare: This is a site I have used many times in the past for either inspiration or even as a source of teaching myself various things. A word of warning… not all the presentations here are “designed well” so use your own judgement. Make sure you filter or search the term “design” to make sure you are filtering out more of the more unattractive decks.


Prezi: This website really attracts some great designs, but using it does require a paid account (after a free trial). However, there is also a EDU Standard edition for FREE if you are a student or teacher. Looking around in the gallery shows some pretty amazing designs, and furthermore they have some really interactive and fun to learn transitions that can make a REALLY killer deck.


Adobe Spark: Well, I may be a little biased with this but I love Adobe products, and I think that Spark is a great addition to the lineup. You will need a Creative Cloud Account in order to access the working bits and pieces, but this software really does a great job of showcasing the ARTIST behind the design of the presentations. They do a great job of integrating videos, animations and of course, text and images.

Obviously, there are WAY more options out there if you are looking to make a deck or a presentation, but be careful what you look to for inspiration. We (as designers) need to be extra cautious to avoid the death-by-powerpoint effect. Use every tool available to you to keep your presentations clean, modern and attractive, but don’t forget that the entire idea of a presentation is to convey a message or information to the viewers. Keep that in your mind when you create the next great slide deck.