Panoramic Photo Collection (Photo A4)


Project Introduction

This project is intended to get you comfortable using Photoshop CC to create some advanced forms of photography, specifically ultra wide images known as Panoramic Photos.  During this project you will capture multiple images and put them all together to create very interesting results. The intended outcome is that you become comfortable with a few easy to use automation that Photoshop CC does for us.

You will create a series of Panoramic Images using Photoshop that are interesting, visually impacting and most importantly ULTRAWIDE!  These images can be used in a variety of Web or Print products, so it’s very important for us to know how to create custom ones from scratch. There are lots of different tutorials online from you to choose from, so it is up to the student to pick a workflow that works best for them.  The final product should be 1080px tall, with a variable width depending on how many images you used, and how wide each one was.

Before Images

Here are the pictures I took (in a hurry) to make a simple Panoramic of the Classroom.

Pro Tip: These pictures are not considered either interesting OR creative… you should try much harder.

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Final Panoramic

Here is the final product from my work. As you can see, I was unhappy with the overtones of gross yellow, so I did some color editing in Lightroom once the Photomerge was complete.

You can click the images to see the full panoramic result.

Project Requirements & Helpful Links

  • Create a minimum of 3 Panoramic images of interesting subjects and locations.
    • Each image should consist of a minimum of 4 photographs.
    • Each Panoramic Image should be 1080px tall (variable width).
  • Be sure that the images can be clicked in your portfolio, to open up a full version of that image.
    • Don’t forget to explain your process in your Portfolio.
    • Make sure you put a link to the tutorial you used for the Panoramic image as well.
  • You can also spruce the final images up a bit in Lightroom or Photoshop to make them a little more attractive. This is optional, but encouraged.
  • Be creative and fun (unlike the above listed example).

Project Grading Rubric

The purpose of this assignment is for each student to be able to demonstrate mastery of Photomerge functions in Photoshop as well as line up subjects or landscapes for Panoramic output. The final grade will be averaged across all three of your Panoramic Images.

Student showcased absolute mastery over the project, and excelled both technically and creatively. Student provided above average Panoramic Images, but the subject or exposures could have been better. Student demonstrated an acceptable amount of skill, but could have done better both technically and creatively. Student followed directions, but provided poor examples of images, or did a sub-par job of completing the assignment. Student did not follow directions, did not demonstrate proper use of the tools, or did not complete assignment completely.