HDR Photo Desktop Wallpapers (Photo A5)

Project Introduction

HDR (High Dynamic Range) photography was developed to overcome basic limitations of digital cameras’ sensors. From the beginning, the technology was intended to make photographs as close as possible to real human experience by closing the gap between what the human eye sees, and what the digital camera can actually capture.

You will create a series of HDR images that you have captured using Bracketing Techniques, in order to create powerful images for use as Desktop Wallpapers. Be sure to capture lots of different images for your portfolio turn in, and pic subjects that are both creative and interesting. Once we have shot our subject matter, we will use Lightroom & Photoshop to blend the images together, and then re-size the final product to a web resolution 1920×1080 wallpaper. Lastly, we want visitor to be able to download the images from your Portfolio, for use as desktop wallpapers on their computers.

Example Before Pics

Here, you can see my three images that I will use inside my HDR photo creation. I didn’t spend very much time looking for an interesting subject… I would suggest that you do spend some time finding good subjects.

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Example After Pics

Here is my result from the shots I took… while the subject matter isn’t the most interesting, I did complete the task. Notice that the dimensions of the image were corrected too, to be 1920×1080 as the assignment required. Also, just for fun I did some Cross Processing on the wallpaper to get a vintage version too.

Pro Tip: Be waaaaaay more creative than I was here for this project. The samples I provided would be graded around a 75%, which isn’t that great of a grade. Do better than me!

You can download these free HDR Wallpapers from here!

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Project Requirements & Helpful Links

  • Minimum of 3 HDR Photo Wallpapers, made up of at least three sub-images.
    • These images should be resized to 1920x1080px for your portfolio, at 72 DPI.
      • There should be a separate link in the portfolio which allows a download of the various wallpapers from your Google Drive.
      • These images will be JPG format.
    • Creative subjects are part of the grade, so get out there and find some really interesting subject matter!
    • Here is a sample tutorial that I used to Make HDR Images with Lightroom & Photoshop, but any tutorial that works for you is fine as long as your final product is correct.
    • Show your before and after results, and explain your process.
      • Make sure you have a link to the tutorial you followed inside your Portfolio Post.
    • You may want to consider adding a watermark to your work, though it is not required for the grade of this project.
  • The internet is a great place to see sample HDR photos for you to be inspired by. Make sure you look at lots of sample HDRs done by other photographers to help you choose subjects of your own.

Project Grading Rubric

The purpose of this assignment is for each student to be able to demonstrate mastery of creating custom HDR Photos using DSLR cameras, Lightroom and Photoshop. The creativity of the subject matter in the photo is also a part of the grade for this project. All images should be the correct size, color mode, resolution and load correctly on the WordPress Portfolio in order to receive a full grade.

Student showcased absolute mastery over the project, and excelled both technically and creatively. Student provided above average HDR Wallpapers, but missed either a creative or technical aspect. Student demonstrated an acceptable amount of technical skill, but didn’t create creative wallpapers, or vice-versa. Student followed directions, but the final product was not at all professional enough. Student did not follow directions, did not demonstrate proper use of the tools, or did not complete assignment.