Web Banner Campaign (Design C4)

Project Introduction

It’s time to work with some tiny little areas, folks! Web banner collections and campaigns are both challenging and a good test of how well you know your own branding. You will be made to re-design the same banner over, and over, and over, and over… you get it.

Creating a full Web Banner Campaign is something that every single multimedia artist needs to be able to do without a second thought, and our client wants a full campaign… by the end of the week! This will be a very good test of how well you know your own branding rules, and how you can apply those rules to a number of very small areas. Cramming all of your design elements and messaging into some tiny canvases can be a challenge, so make sure you do your research. Pick one of your User Persona Designs from earlier, and craft some simple messaging to place on your Web Banner Campaign to make them click through to the Landing Page that you designed, and download the app! You will need to provide mockups for the client, and have a downloadable ZIP folder full of the final collection of JPGs easily accessible from your portfolio. Do you want to see what a downloadable ZIP file of all the collected banners looks like? Download the sample set provided below, right here!

Your Web Banner Collection should include the following elements:

  1. Consistent Messaging: The messaging on your banners needs to sell the most important factor about your app, as it applies to one of your User Personas. Choose carefully, and make sure the message is crafted just for them! Remember, you are making ONE CAMPAIGN, not a collection of 10 different sales pitches!
  2. Download Button: Since this campaign is driving traffic to a website designed to make the user download an app, it should be completely clear by use of a button or text. Be sure to incorporate that into your design!
  3. On Brand: Your Branding Guide already tells you what colors, fonts, images and logo variations are acceptable. You had better double check it before you jump into a design!
  4. Minimum 10 Banners: Do a quick Google Search for the “10 highest performing web banner sizes” and make sure that your campaign includes those exact sizes. You can always do MORE (I know I did…), but at the very least, make sure you are using the most up-to-date highest performing sizes.

“Working on a tiny canvas can be a real pain, but a good designer can overcome that to make a consistent and beautiful collection of banners.” – GD

Sample Web Banner Campaign

In the sample collection shown below, I crafted messaging to satisfy one of the User Personas from an earlier project (Design C1: User Persona Designs). Marcy wanted an all in one solution, so I made it clear that our app can do that. Then, I came up with a design that was modular enough to fit on such wildly different dimension banners, and used the same design rules over and over again. You will be expected to do the same!


Project Requirements & Helpful Links

  • You will submit at least 10 Web Banners to your Portfolio in a ZIP file, which is easily located and downloadable by the Instructor.
    • Portfolio
      • A downloadable ZIP file of at least 10 Web Banners in JPG format, RGB color mode, and at 72dpi.
      • An attractive mock up on the portfolio, that we could show the client.
      • Consistent and on brand messaging, using the same colors, type, imagery, etc that your Branding Guidelines require.
    • More Examples…
      • There are literally hundreds of thousands of good examples on the internet for you to look at and use as inspiration. Find some that relate to your own project, and use them as a guide when it comes to font sizes, images, button dimensions, etc. There should be no way your Banner Campaign looks anything less than completely professional.

Project Grading Rubric

The grade for this project is weighted based on a number of factors that range from accurate delivery, completeness of the campaign, and your ability to follow your own branding rules. The client wants a campaign that specifically targets one of the User Personas that you designed, so the messaging and overall design needs to attract that exact user type. Grades on this project will vary based on if you have the ability to showcase your mastery of the subject matter, and follow all of the directions while still producing an attracting, industry standard design.

You showcased an complete mastery over this project with a well designed web banner campaign. Student was able to make the campaign, but missed either the messaging, design, or execution. Student did make the campaign, but it was not industry grade. The creative or the messaging was off the mark. Student did the absolute bare minimum, barely produced an acceptable campaign of web banners. Student did not follow directions, did not produce remotely acceptable work, or didn’t cover almost any of the requirements.