A Great 30 Day Photography Challenge

Photography, Photoshop

When you take your first steps to learn how to take breathtaking or interesting photos, it means you need to understand far more than just how your camera works. Yes, you will obviously need to know how to hold it, where the buttons are, how different functions work… but what about when you are just out in the world trying to take a GOOD photo?  Lastly, photography should be FUN if you are interested in the Multimedia Design field. Photography is a foundation aspect of good design skills, and will easily increase your value as a designer when it comes time to negotiate your salary. Who would you rather hire? A Graphic Designer, or a Graphic Designer who also is an experienced and talented Photographer?  Seems like a no brainer.

When looking for new ways to improve and refresh my own skills, I came across a website that offered a 30 Day Photography Challenge that I was instantly drawn into.  The challenge doesn’t stop at photography either, but walks through lots and lots of introductory and intermediate Photoshop skills as well.

I honestly think every photographer should pick up this challenge, and stick to it. It would make for a great collection to add to your Photography Portfolio. Not only will it help you step up professionally, but it will really fill out a next to empty portfolio. Even if you already know all of the techniques involved, it can’t hurt to knock the dust off some of your lesser used skills to sharpen up and modernize your own shots.

The challenge also has links to various social media groups and communities on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest to see what other photographers are doing, and submit and share your own work.  As always, I suggest your own social media accounts be kept squeaky clean and professional (you never know what future employer or client will look through it, so keep it classy and updated folks).