CodeCademy Introduction to HTML (Code C1)

Project Introduction

So, we have our brand up and running, but we need to expand our brand to include Online content like websites, ads, etc. We will need to have some basic understanding of HTML in order to be able to do this, so let’s get crackin!

Lucky for us, there are some easy online ways to get the knowledge we need to be able to interpret and edit HTML for websites. The CodeCademy Introduction to HTML is a perfect place to start! HTML is the rock bottom of all websites. Without HTML, we won’t be able to organize our text or add any attractive images or videos to our web pages. HTML is the beginning of everything you need to know to create engaging web pages for our clients.

You will learn all the common HTML tags used to structure HTML pages, the skeleton of all websites. You will also be able to create HTML tables to present tabular data efficiently, and hopefully use this knowledge to build better and better websites as we go. For those of you who want even more training in the subject, and to see even more uses of HTML and have a better understanding of what it can do, the HTML Essential Training video will be a great addition to your workload this week.

“Don’t be afraid of learning to code. HTML is the easiest place to start, and a designer who can both DESIGN and CODE is worth way more in the industry. Our goals are pretty simple too, so don’t let the idea of learning to code overwhelm you!” – GD

Project Requirements & Helpful Links

  • Each student will complete the Introduction to HTML Course on CodeCademy while in class, and online.
    • Complete the Course to 100%, and email the Instructor a screenshot of your progress.
    • The Course is interactive, and will help you learn as you go.
    • If you want to keep testing yourself, use the HTML Quiz at

Project Grading Rubric

This project has a simple and straightforward grading system. The score you get will be the same as your level of progress on the CodeCademy Course. If you get it 100% completed, you will get a 100% on the project. If you only get through 68%, then that will be your grade.